Welcome to the inspiring world of Natalie Hatunapu, podcast host, medicine woman, shaman, holistic health coach, therapist, and economist with a passion for personal growth and wisdom. 

 Natalie is a multifaceted individual whose journey of self-discovery and transformation has led to the creation of a space for meaningful conversations and personal growth. A true citizen of the world, Natalie’s love for travel and her role as an actor fuel her lifelong quest for knowledge and exploration.

Through the ‘The Munay Solution” movement, Natalie invites you to join her on a beautiful journey towards wisdom, insight, and self-discovery.

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I was left feeling at peace Tarot reading

"The Tarot reading with Natalie left me feeling at peace regarding the topics we discussed. So many little confirmations, which I needed to hear. She takes the time to really sense the energies involved and delivers her findings in a very honest, but soothing manner. Thank you🤗"

I really enjoyed my reading! Tarot reading

"Natalie read my cards a couple of weeks back. It was an online zoom reading and went really well. Natalie answered my question clearly, it was emotional for me but the situation she read was very accurate. I hope you enjoy your reading as I have done. Thank you Natalie 🙏🏻"

Highly recommend! Designation

"Natalie gave me a tarot reading, and it was such a beautiful experience. Even though some of the themes that comes up during a reading is hard to hear, she has such a kind and calming and personality, and made me feel comfortable during the reading. Natalie gave me a reading that was pretty much spot on, both past experiences and current life situation. The reading also gave me some needed insight and clarity on how to create the life I want for myself. During the reading I felt a shift in my energy level, and I felt so positive afterwards. I highly recommend Natalie!"

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