The Journey Begins: Launching the Natalie Wisewoman Podcast

The Journey Begins: Launching the Natalie Wisewoman Podcast

Hello, and welcome to the Natalie Wisewoman podcast, a place where we embark on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and meaningful discussions about wellness and reaching our highest potential. Today, I am thrilled to share the story of how this podcast came to be and what you can expect from future episodes.

The Inception of a Dream

I have carried the dream of launching my own show for years. In fact, my journey into podcasting began in 2019 when I recorded my first episode with a friend, though it was never shared with the world. Over time, the idea of creating a platform for sharing wisdom, personal growth, and engaging conversations about becoming one’s highest self continued to simmer and evolve.

The Vision Takes Shape

My life is guided by a profound prayer I repeat daily – to be in my highest alignment and reach my highest potential. It’s a beautiful aspiration that has become the essence of this podcast. Not only do I aim to share my own wisdom and experiences, but I am also enthusiastic about inviting guests who can share their own wisdom and insights. Through these conversations, I hope to learn, grow, challenge my own beliefs, and foster meaningful discussions.

A Year of Transformation

The year leading up to the launch of this podcast has been nothing short of transformational. I embarked on a journey of internal work and self-discovery, digging deep to understand my purpose and what I truly desire in life. This year was marked by significant change, such as traveling, participating in Ayahuasca ceremonies in Costa Rica, and making a life-altering decision about my marriage.

From Fear to Freedom

The decision to participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony was something I had contemplated for years. My Ayahuasca journey provided me with clarity and insight into my life’s purpose, dispelling my fear of having to leave my husband. Instead, it reaffirmed my love for him, even though our relationship had reached its most challenging point.

The Power of Trust

As my year unfolded, I realized the transformative power of trust. This trust not only allowed me to take the leap into podcasting but also to navigate the tumultuous waters of life, including the most challenging decision of my life – the end of my marriage. Trust was my guiding mantra.

A Multifaceted Individual

I bring a unique blend of experiences and skills to the podcast. With a background in finance and research, I approach topics from a well-informed perspective. I am also a holistic health coach and currently pursuing therapist training, expanding my expertise in holistic wellness.

I am a true citizen of the world, having lived in various countries and with a deep love for travel. I’m an actor, a seeker, and a lifelong learner, continually exploring the world and myself.

What to Expect

The Natalie Wisewoman podcast promises to be a space where meaningful conversations unfold. Topics will span the spectrum, from wellness and health to discussions about one’s soul’s purpose, different foods, therapy, books, and even the magic of plant medicine. I have a broad network of inspiring individuals, and I plan to bring them on to share their wisdom and insights.

The podcast is set to be a reflection of my journey, my growth, and the collective wisdom I gather along the way. As a listener, you can expect to join me on this beautiful and transformative ride.

Thank you for tuning in and becoming a part of this exciting journey. Stay tuned for enlightening discussions and insightful stories on the Natalie Wisewoman podcast. Your wisdom awaits. Have a beautiful day!

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